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# El mal turismo
Version: 0.1
This plugin has been coded specifically for the meeting [The city is ours](, produced by [Zemos98]( and the [European Cultural Foundation](
## Summary
This WordPress plugin gets images and texts from two different sources:
+ It connects to flickr using Flickr Rest API to get photos from one or more photosets from one user.
+ It reads a CSV file to get its content.
The plugin mixes the two outputs randomly.
## Installation and activation
1. Download the latest version of the plugin:
2. Copy the file flickr.config-sample.php to flickr.config.php and customize flickr variables inside.
3. Upload plugin folder to the `wp-content/plugins` folder using FTP or the WordPress dashboard uploader.
4. Activate the plugin
### Usage
To output images and texts in a page or post use the shortcode `[muestra_testimonio]`.
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