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Interactive map
This interactive map needs:
+ A topojson file with the municipios ('municipios-clean_simply_topo.json') shapes that contain the data to be displayed in chlrophlet map (in this case, number of initiatives)
+ A topojson file with provincias shapes
Needed variables for municipios are:
+ 'NOMBRE_TOP' (nombre del municipio)
+ 'n_iniciativas' (number of initiative in that munciipio)
+ 'iniciativas_div' (div to inject into sidebar tooltip
This is the standard info for every municipio (we can clean and remove variables if not needed):
"properties":{"TERRITORIO":"ARABA / ÁLAVA",
"iniciativas_div":"<div><a href=\"\">Osasunkume – Educación para la salud en Primaria</a></div>"
Data sources
Shapes have been simplified and converted to topojson WGS8 CRS with
Municipios via via
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
.attr("class", "tooltipclick")
// add multiple files
.defer(d3.json, 'municipios-clean_simply_topo.json')
.defer(d3.json, 'provincias-clean_simply_topo.json')
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